Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Carting Out The Quilt


Yesterday I took my green and aqua quilt to the quilting group. I promised everyone that I would take it as quite a few folks
asked about this quilt and I said "Yes...of course I will take it!". What a task this became, I used my huge luggage bag with wheels on and lugged this on the bus as I don't have a car or drive. Then outside folks who usually see me walking my dogs and out and about the local shops then said to me, "Where are you going?"...... "Only to quilting" became my reply.
I'm glad I took this quilt as it gave me the go ahead to keep on stitching the hand quilting technique just to keep practising again.
My own method to stop my sore thumb and help me grip the needle more was to put a tiny piece of micro pore tape just where the needle kept catching the skin open, this helped a treat while stitching in the back room at the shop.
I have enclosed some pictures of my hounds, Scratch is on my very first log cabin I ever did a few years ago, it looks like a rag blanket now and have had a lot of tear and wear and travelled round quite a bit. Then there's the not amused Victoria Alice I call her lol with the toys underneath her.
The hounds have been little monkeys, while doing some odd jobs someone decided to help themselves some yummy ham slices from a packet when mummy got interrupted from making a sandwich. I did wonder now where did i put that ham when I went back to make a sandwich, I looked in the fridge I looked in the oven and yes I even looked in the microwave oven as I have done daft things when called away to other jobs. I walked into the room and there on the floor was the empty ham packet. My hounds were no where in sight, Alice hid behind the bed and Scratch laid in her basket all innocent looking
"Well It wasn't me!" they looked with their sad looking eyes, so I couldn't tell them off I didn't know which one did the pinching. I don't believe in smacking dogs. Just very harsh words. I still never did find out who it was and I never will, only they know the secret between themselves and I imagine one gobbled the whole lot and other one missed out and said wheres my bit?.
Thankfully the weather did not pour down buckets of rain, it's been mild and colder towards tea time, I was looking forward to getting home as there was alot of people commuting home from the city and traffic and waiting at bus stops can be a chaotic at times.
I have really enjoyed going round every one's blog, I'm going to try and make more of an effort as I just love reading about every one's projects, quilting stories good and bad. Though I feel such an amateur quilter at times I still learn such a lot from others.
Well take care all have fun quilting


Ruth's Place said...

Very cute dogs. My cat steals corn cobs out of the rubbish bin and drags them all over the house, he's too lazy to reach the counter though.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I once had a dog who was a little salami thief. My Dad was visiting and he was called to lunch after his salami and cheese sandwich was set out at his place. He took his time arriving at the table and found only an open-face cheese sandwich, but said nothing (until later) and ate what was placed in front of him. Later on, when he asked if I was placing him on a diet we were able to piece the "crime" together and had a good laugh over it all. Little Muffin was quite innocent acting the entire time, of course!