Saturday, 5 July 2008

Home Again Home

Hi All,

I'm home again building up my strength each day so that I am ready for some quilting again.

Quite a few things are being reorganised furniture wise so that I can work downstairs, my desk and mega bags of quilting things and materials have yet to arrive from Sheffield so we are trying to sort things out and put lots of things in the attic. Ive had to write down what important quilts I am working on to keep all these items down stairs and the rest upstairs in the attic.

Bags of material and fat quarters seem to breed from mysterious corners, I have become an addicted fabric hoarder as Jim mentions time and time again, well they keep me going and happy.

When my limbs get tired and achy I just sit down for a bit then embroider round the leaves of the hexagon quilt just to switch off and relax. The three projects I'm keeping downstairs are my hexagon quilt top, the Scratch lurcher quilt, and the wonderful orange quilt top from Mary.

Over the next few weeks Ive to purchase about three packets of quilting wadding king size, if anyone has king size wadding that they don't want Id be very grateful for this as at the moment Jim cannot drive me to a quilt shop as he is still having really bad vertigo attacks and I'm still wobbly (silly legs of mine).

Hope everyone is having quilting fun fun fun with exciting projects on the go, I will look round every ones blogs, I'm really looking forward to looking at what wonderful quilts are being made.

I'm still waiting for news of the baby as my niece has gone into Labour who lives in Blackpool, I just want to know whether the baby will be a girl or a boy so that I can get on with these bright coloured log cabins.

At the moment we are having lots of rain which I'm grateful for, saves me watering absolutely everything in the garden. Last night I managed to plant a gorgeous passion flower plant called Lavender Lady, there are quite a few other plants to put in tubs mainly butterfly bushes. These plants can wait to be planted over the next few days. I'm having to pace myself, do a bit, then sit down a bit, do a bit more..... then another rest. Its a good thing my lurchers are so laid back.

Well I will be popping round the blogs take care all...


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mamaspark said...

Glad you are home. It must seem like forever since you were there. I'll be in touch soon via email too. Welcome home!