Monday, 27 April 2009

Flowers On The Drawing Board

While the sun was glorious yesterday, I spent several hours drawing out the flowers for the Mini Quilt Spring Project. These flowers may look familiar, I am a huge fan of Kaffe Fassett some of the ideas came from browsing some of his work for inspiration and colour in a few of his books.

I just drew free hand on paper then took several photo copies. These flowers will be cut up as templates for applique shapes, the leaves and stems will be cut out too. In the evening after I had a rest, it was back to hand quilting on the PDSA quilt, (groan.......) very slowly this project is coming along. I have found that I will need to sew some extra orange round the edges. For this, I will have to make do using orange scraps off the edges, it will be quite a while before that stage as Ive to sew the paw prints yet. I found some DMC threads at the top of the wardrobe in a box that would be ideal in oranges and reds. While Jim practised a track from the Doobie Brothers (long train running) on the guitar, which is sounding good, I was stitching in the background on the pet quilt.

The weather is throwing it down with rain today so I'm glad I got some pieces dyed for my spring project, the background will be turquoise and some of the purple will be cut up to be flowers so keep watching this space for some flowers may work or may not.

I have also posted some more pictures of that lovely bridge in Anstey Village, looks like a setting out of a romantic novel does'nt it?

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Beena said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your swap quilt as it progresses! Hope you will post pics!

Thanks for visiting my blog, and your kind comment. I'm bookmarking your blog and adding you to my blog list!