Saturday, 13 June 2009

Missing The Blogworld

For a few days, the computer monitor had broken down.

"I'll get used to it...., Ill get a lot of stitching done!" I thought to myself.

Well I just could not get used to being without the computer now that I'm so into blog land and have made so many new friends on here. I did work hard about three days solid onto the Spring Mini Quilt, mainly stitching the lettering border and at the moment hand quilting, stippling the middle bit. There's just another seven days, I'm I going to get this done?..... we will see about that.. I have been working so hard on this, fingers crossed it will all be OK. The hand quilting has been my sanctuary while Ive had uncomfortable moments when my injections for my MS just would not settle down for the night, so had to come down stairs to stitch for bit then try and rest, then stitch a bit more. The weather has been really hot today I tried to catch up on my sleep but it just didn't work. i just kept thinking Ive got to get on with a bit more hand quilting.

I hope everyone else is having a nice weekend and not too rushed with their projects.


Pat said...

Oh, yes......I'm sure many of us (myself included) can relate to missing the blogworld when things go awry with the computer. Glad you are back!

Jude said...

Good to see you back.
Keep stitching..not long now!

Myra said...

Being without the computer would be like missing and arm or a leg for me!!! Glad you are back! 8-)
Now, I have to get my butt out of the chair here and do some stitchings myself! lol!

Jenny said...

Yes blogging can be addictive, as can stitching of course!