Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fabric Play

Last night I had the urge to get out my little sewing machine again which I have nicknamed
Zola. Zola is a little sewing machine that can cope sewing cotton fabrics but she does not like sewing seams that are quite thick such as sewing patches together at times. I had a go at fabric play using up some scraps, some blocks have turned out great and some wonky. Did that happen to you? is it normal that some blocks work and some don't? the best ones get picked out.
Jim is unfortunately working again tonight so I will be working on my seascape and some mini blocks for fun. I find now that when I want to wind down, cutting fabrics is fun and sewing a little bit on the sewing machine, providing Zola does not get the Machine version of PMT!!!
One day I will win that quilters sewing machine hee hee.
While I took some photos of the patches I decided to take some pictures out of the garden.
We had some really strong winds last night and a few days before, the winds blew some roses over from next door neighbour's garden and they are gorgeous, great for painting and playing around with arts materials.
Jim took me out to a sewing shop in an area of a different culture than normal, the shop was certainly different but I did get a few beads and another metre of bondaweb to play around with to put on the seaside picture that I'm working on.
I hope everyone else is having quilting fun.



Beena said...

Beautiful roses.

I love your blocks! Such a great combination of color/fabric/design. Magical.

Allie said...

Those roses are lovely!!!! And I love your blocks. I have trouble with lining things up straight - I have a good sewing machine, a 1/4" foot, and I still can't get them all right. I tend to stay away from patterns that have to have seams match up, lol.
I adore your seaside wallhanging. I can't wait to see the finish.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Faith,

Your roses are beautiful. Funny we have wind here today too.

I love the colour combination and choice of fabrics for your blocks.
Laughed when you said about your sewing machine having PMT.
Mine sometimes behaves like that too.

Happy weekend

Wendy said...

Love those blocks, reminds me of a summer night sky, don't know why your machine would do something so mean, but like that you named her - mine is named Ella!