Monday, 10 August 2009

Highlander At Belgrave Hall

The weekend has been great, I cant remember much about Saturday apart from stitching blocks here and there and going with Jim to take Mum In Law shopping round the supermarket.
On the Sunday I looked around the local car boot sale first thing in the morning. I didn't find anything suitable for patchwork and quilting but I bought a couple of things for our band.
I got some lovely red Maracas and a couple of 1970s CDs to help me learn the cover versions and give me some ideas.
In the afternoon me and Jim went along to Belgrave Hall as they had a special theme on the 1700s.
It was great, children made masks and fans in the gorgeous outdoor garden with a marquee for shading from the glorious hot sunshine. We watched couples called the Ar beau Dancers dressed in gorgeous costumes dance on the lawn, spoke to loads of historical people with such interesting information. So I will have loads to tell you which will take a couple of days as I have some exciting and interesting pictures and little stories to tell you about them. I asked these wonderful people if they'd mind me taking photos to put on my blog to show all my wonderful blogging friends.
As the theme was on the 1700s, a man dressed in a kilt walked the grounds with some really interesting kit replica of what the Highlander would of had. I love history to do with Scotland and feel sure I must of had some past life there or something as I have always felt Scotland my home.
In the 1700s was the Jacobite Rebellions where loads of Scots were fighting the English hence why this Highlander was walking the grounds, many Scots fought hard and got down as far as Derby.
You will also see Jim having fun holding the sword mainly the replica Claymore.

. I could not help but take some photos and show the gorgeous replica sword and Claymore, handmade locally for reactment battles and shows. I have loads more pictures to show but I can only download a few as a time and not so much a computer wizard to use the flickr photo thing as we don't know our password for our Yahoo account making me feel a dumb blonde with frustration so I don't want to go down that road again and just post photos on here as best as I can. I hope you all enjoy the photos here.
Today Monday, I'm hoping to work hard on the Halloween blocks as I have such a lot to do.


Beena said...

Sounds like quite a time at Belgrave Hall. I will wait patiently for more photos so I don't have to visit Flickr, as I prefer my visits to Nutbudquilter!!!

Sounds like you also got a bunch of stitching done!

I have at least started my summer swap quilt, by drawing the design and preparing to fuse it. I haven't picked the fabrics yet.

Gina said...

What a great day out.

Love and hugs Gina xxx