Wednesday, 10 March 2010

More Pencil Colouring and Stitching

Today the weather has been really cold which feels like the big freeze is trying to lurk upon us again. I managed to colour in some more on Jim's waistcoat idea and gave this a wash over with water mixed with textile medium. I started stitching chain stitch round the edge of the sun in gold which is working out rather well where the black lines aren't so obvious not that it is partly covered with gold thread.
The group meeting was interesting, the teacher Anne started to draw out the circle for the neckline on the robe to the be done in Celtic Knotwork. I know I'm roped in for this part it will be interesting to see what method is required. So while Anne drew out the circle, I carried on stitching the gold chain stitch on my own project.
The back of the old church building was extremely cold, I was just glad to have a cup a soup. I don't like the smell nor taste of tea of coffee so the cup a soup came in handy.
The left side of the waistcoat is much strong in contrast to the right side of the waistcoat half, at first I was worried about this but decided it made it different and stand out more. Jim, my great Chauffeur when ever I need driving somewhere took me to get several packets of fine embroidery needles as somewhere in the background of the waistcoat, I'm hoping to embroider stars in long and short satin stitch in dmc floss. I hope everyone is having fun in what ever they are doing and not too cold.
Let me know what you think.


Jenny said...

That design is beautiful Faith, very colourful. What pencils do you use on fabric?

Mama Spark said...

I love ow this is coming along. Keep us all posted on the celtic knot work progress too. Should be interesting!! What numbers of DMC are you using the most?


I love all of those vibrant colors!