Monday, 8 March 2010

To Dear Heirs and Graces

It was a gorgeous sunny day despite having a bad frost the night before so I begged and pleaded Jim to take me to Heirs
and Graces
patchwork shop in Denby Dale Derbyshire.
I just wanted to have a look and a ride in the car, Jim now has a little Sat Nav so whats the excuse?..... I won... so Jim took me to the place not far from my hometown Sheffield. Over the years I had heard so much about this place, they used to be in Bakewell but for some reason moved to Denby Dale. I got some wadding for Jims waistcoat and some yummy material to go with the waistcoat so I was happy, I found the right material to match the suns and moon idea. It was meant to be having these sudden urges lets go to a patchwork shop. Its amazing when instincts tell you theres that magical material there.
Ive not got any photos to show you sorry, as I forgot to take my camera but as the waistcoat idea is worked on a little more I will show you. You may have seen some images from the past on here as you scan back.
Coming home was a scary experience as an impatient driver almost smashed into us as we were coming off a roundabout, thank heavens the angels were looking after us it was a very close call, we were both shook up a bit.
Well I hope everyone is having so great quilting times and OK. I cant wait to go round all the blogs to catch up on after this computer had to go in to be repaired for just about two weeks.
So keep watching and I will try and take some photos over the next couple of days.


Jenny said...

Not heard of that shop Faith - must try and take a trip there too!

Mama Spark said...

Glad you and Jim are alright. Maybe next time you can bring the camera and we can all "go shopping" with you!!