Sunday, 20 June 2010

Another Sketch (Two-Sides)

Ive completed another sketch in my watercolour book this time called Two Sides.
Over the last couple of weeks and months even has been an absolute roller coaster event with emotions. So the best way for me is just to doodle and sketch.
Theres always two sides to a story and very much in life there is always someone or somebody being close to you being two faced or even someone, somewhere round the world with this fitting title. I dont know what will become of this painting, i dont have time to quilt this idea but who knows may goes towards something in the future.
Let me know what you think?.


Dolores said...

Vibrant, with wonderful colours. So full of life and movement.

Jenny said...

Full of emotion, very beautiful

tongfengdemao said...

I don't see any sketch or watercolor. :^(

I did like the cats in the previous post.

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