Sunday, 5 September 2010

Threads of Brown

I have almost finished sewing the tree mainly stitching down the applique stump.
I'm really enjoying stitching old fashioned style. My mind is beginning to wander on other ideas, other possibilities. Ive been scanning the net about Baltimore Quilting.
Now that I have this fantastic applique paper that you can leave in without having to cut into the back of the cotton, I'm a happy bunny.
The last few days have been strange all thanks to my MS where I have been sleepy or highly strung up because Ive been frustrated at not being able to do a task.
Frustrated because I wanted to stand and do things but had to make do with being seated. Stitching the applique tree has been nice for this, just stitching and relaxing having fun with that needle and thread.
Here are some more pictures from the Festival Of Quilts. It's just so nice to look back on them for different ideas. I can never take everything in on one day so I'm thankful that Jim took lots of photos for me.
I have some chicken breast cooking in the oven for Alice, as this is Alice's favourite treat, she has a chicken breast every tea time.
What I love about charity shops, sometimes you can find suitable bits of cotton material to use in your patchwork and quilting. Last week I found an old tablecloth with different greens, yellows and blues, just perfect for that simplistic primitive look with applique leaves. I'm hoping to cut into this and to draw round some of the leaves using my mini light box that I bought from an art shop last week.
Hope all is having fun.

Happy sewing.... Nutbudx

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chris, milatos said...

WOW What fantastic quilts