Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Lovely Surprise

I got a lovely surprise this morning when the postman knocked on the door sending me a package from Pam, I got a gorgeous bracelet made of leather and sterling silver with the lovely glowing bead called "faith"... I. love it, I put this on straight away and got Jim to take some pictures. Also in the package is a gorgeous wall hanging made by Pam and quilted by Liz, so neat and tidy, the standard of the binding put together I wish I could do binding as good as that... I call this my little Christmas Chickadee I love it, Pam also put in the leather stick on thimbles which are great as I do have a lot of hand quilting to get on with in the next couple of days and weeks. So Pam thanks once again....the package has been a wonderful surprise and really cheered me up on this dark cold day. The colours of the material on the wall hanging is great.... and wow see that blue on the bracelet. see how it glows...x

Tomorrow we are hoping to go as see a very special dog called Diva who is just like Alice, she is currently with the East Midlands Dog Rescue, we will going to the kennels to take out pack to see if they get on with Diva, it will be nice to see the place and other dogs to give me some ideas on little lap quilts to make for them.
My New York Beauties are slowing growing, Ive to hunt round for five metres of fabric in the attic or possible buy some from somewhere but I have not yet found anything that has pulled my heartstrings to say yes,,,, that's the one to go with the black and multicoloured spiky bits.


Mama Spark said...

HI Faith, so happy it finally arrived! That bracelet is to be added to! You buy charms and add them until the entire bracelet is full up with them. I will be adding some from time to time. The wall hanging is just like the one I have in my house too, bright. I wish I could take credit for the binding but that is all my friend Pauline (PTM) she does an amazing job and she does all my binding since it hurts me to do it. I'm so happy you have finally received my little gifties. I
hope those leather pads are the kind you like, I just guessed.

Tiglizzyclone said...

That is a really pretty bracelet, also wall hanging! I hope the dog works out!

irslan said...

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mandycharlie said...

I just love your dog especially his/her black markings on his/her flank. They look to me like a quarter of a poppy and would make the most fantastic of quilts... Such a pretty dog.