Sunday, 13 May 2012

Today's Challenges

Towards Mammasparks Appleslice Quilt Challege
Marking round the outside of the sleeve using ongoing tacking stitches
Yes all five to six metres cut out and now little coat shapes, I can
tell you I felt nervous cutting round the shapes but it felt good after four years or hand quilting
Part of the Postcard swap working with black and white.

I said to myself today that I wont be naughty and do too much to upset my back again so today I hope to do some stitchings. Since Ive gone back to the brilliant Stitching Fingers site, Ive agreed
to do a postcard swap with another lady using two colours.
The colours that I have chosen are black and white, at the moment I'm stitching this butterfly
using some really old cotton that I had found in Jim's mum old sewing box. I love the sharpness and how strong this thread felt, perhaps used for shoes at one time or to sew something needing
absolute strength?. I decided to use it to give the butterfly texture. Ive not decided whether to
cut out the butterfly and applique the shape onto another piece of fabric yet, you will have to watch and see. Ive been looking through books for ideas and going through some of my fabrics that might be ideal, that little brain of mine is working overtime.
Last week I worked some more on the hexagon coat, my homework for this weekend is to stitch round the outside of the coat shapes a 1/4 inch all around to keep the shape. Also I need to cut out some whites to match the squares already cut out to take part in Pam's apple slice quilt challenge.
Ive shied away from making quilt blocks needing to but cut out accurately, blocks to be machined and pressed due to the fact Ive had disasters with these things in the past.
So Ive taken a deep breath to give it another go, having a go at quilt blocks again, (fingers-crossed). I hope you all manage to get on with creativity this weekend and not get too cold or wetx


Pamela Joy Purses said...

Love the butterfly so pretty!!

Susie said...

The butterfuly is amazing..Your work is so neat!