Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Of Stars and Stars

Finally Ive got to using the Pfaff sewing machine again after being so busy with other projects.
I must admit this is a huge challenge for me as Ive always done any sewing by hand.
A few years ago we got this quilt top from Ebay and I decided to have a go at
applique-ing stars using the machine blanket stitch.  When I showed Jim the quilt top
Jim said he'd like some UFOs  on here with Jim being mad on them an absolute UFO freak.

So while Ive been busy on the sewing machine, Jim and our fabulous drummer has been working on the tracks being recorded in the background, so creativity all round.  I hope creativity is around all you too.  Happy Stitchings xxx

1 comment:

margaret said...

good to see you using the machine, some great stars here.