Saturday, 31 August 2013


Ive not completely disappeared, just took some time out to rest and seek new inspiration after having a naughty relapse a few weeks ago. I had to go on a course of oral steroids and thankfully stay at home rather than go in hospital to on an IV drip of steroids. Im starting to get back to my usual self in stitching.
The piece of work here that Im showing you is an experiment based on the idea of the gorgeous texture of Moss. About two years ago when I went onto a batik course at college, we did loads of small samples.  Some worked out and some didn't.  With the background on this cloth the blue washed out and only showed a very pale blue background. I had that mad lightbulb moment what to use this small piece of fabric for.  I backstitched round the edge of the pale blue then seed stitched all different greens.  Ive still got a lot to do but Im really enjoying this experimenting stitching.
I painted acrylic inks for the background.


margaret said...

sorry to hear you have been under the weather and hope the steroids have helped and you are now better.

Your batik piece looks very interesting, I am sure you will enjoy stitching it

laurajane said...

Hope you are feeling better soon,nice to see you back.
Stitching looks very interesting ,can't Waite to see what you will do with it,it's great just to have a play isn't it.