Friday, 20 September 2013

More Progress on Moss

Ive been sewing some more on the moss project in between times when not too busy, mainly when the television is on in the background, the dogs fed and the humans fed. Im just loving the seed stitching and French knots, picking out the different shades of greens from the embroidery threads.
When I had the chance to, I had a good rummage through the boxes on top of the wardrobe shelves to see what I had there and had a nice surprise in finding more threads.
I hope you are all not too cold and getting on with some of you much loved crafts, not feeling too cold.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Stitches, Ideas In Progress

So what have I been up to?, Ive been stitching some more on the Moss project doing more seed stitching, french knots, and I have also agreed to do a little wall hanging quilt swap with another friend in December called The Winter Solstice swap.  I have been playing round with a few ideas.  I wanted to use the Holly King and the Oak King so got Jim to pose for me in some photographs.  I drew up the design idea, the next challenge will be to draw up and paint the design on fabric.  Ive got some new vilene to try, which said suitable to paint on and use in quilting.  The challenge will be to work on the light box for several hours tracing the design on to the specialise cloth, do let me know what you think. x

Saturday, 31 August 2013


Ive not completely disappeared, just took some time out to rest and seek new inspiration after having a naughty relapse a few weeks ago. I had to go on a course of oral steroids and thankfully stay at home rather than go in hospital to on an IV drip of steroids. Im starting to get back to my usual self in stitching.
The piece of work here that Im showing you is an experiment based on the idea of the gorgeous texture of Moss. About two years ago when I went onto a batik course at college, we did loads of small samples.  Some worked out and some didn't.  With the background on this cloth the blue washed out and only showed a very pale blue background. I had that mad lightbulb moment what to use this small piece of fabric for.  I backstitched round the edge of the pale blue then seed stitched all different greens.  Ive still got a lot to do but Im really enjoying this experimenting stitching.
I painted acrylic inks for the background.

Friday, 3 May 2013

UFO sss

When cutting out the stars, Jim mentioned that he would like UFO s to go on
the quilts next to the stars.  So, over the last few days I've been searching round
for images of rockets and UFOs thankfully the Internet has given me a lot of ideas.
I bought some grey material from a charity shop to cut up for applique and
bought some glittery fabric paint to have a play around with.  Outside its a gorgeous
gorgeous sunny day but I'm feeling really tired and drugged up thanks to my ms.
I now have two garden chairs outside so that I can sit outside and stitch, paint...all fun fun fun.
Hope you all manage to have some fun too and get creative for the weekend,.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Of Stars and Stars

Finally Ive got to using the Pfaff sewing machine again after being so busy with other projects.
I must admit this is a huge challenge for me as Ive always done any sewing by hand.
A few years ago we got this quilt top from Ebay and I decided to have a go at
applique-ing stars using the machine blanket stitch.  When I showed Jim the quilt top
Jim said he'd like some UFOs  on here with Jim being mad on them an absolute UFO freak.

So while Ive been busy on the sewing machine, Jim and our fabulous drummer has been working on the tracks being recorded in the background, so creativity all round.  I hope creativity is around all you too.  Happy Stitchings xxx

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Finally The Spring Is Here

Last Sunday I went along to a small quilt exhibition held in a  Victorian looking house to raise money for the Loros Cancer charity. I took some pictures of a few items that really caught my eye and gave me some ideas. The needlework which really spoke to me and just my style were some things that Id love to have a go at and do something similar.  I bought a tiny heart with a pink ribbon stuffed with lavender and a beautiful tiny hexagon needle case that really pulled my heart strings, they always do.
A week has already flown and I said to my Jim I really must down load some photos for my blog.
On the Tuesday mornings I still go to my one to one knitting classes and on a Wednesday, Ive been making an effort to take my Pfaff sewing machine to my friend Jean's house so that I could get used to using it again after a long non sewing spell.
I'm pleased to note that last Thursday while the weather was throwing it down with rain, I managed to sew up two fleece shawls for Jean and her friend.  My mum made me a fleece shawl cut from a large square with the tips folded back that made pockets.  When the nights have been chilly this has been my best friend so I thought it would be a good idea to practise using the sewing machine again.
Jean was really please with her shawl and I'm sure the lady who Jean will be seeing next Monday will be pleased too. Hope you all manage to have a creative weekend will try and write again soonx

Friday, 12 April 2013


Its time I started to make more effort in the Blog Emporium World after quite a long break, but just didn't
realise how long I had been away.  (sorry folks).  For the last couple of weeks I had been busy learning how to knit again and challenging the art of sock knitting.   Each Tuesday depending how my MS is behaving, Ive been going down to a wool shop for one to one lessons how to do socks.  I managed to knit with two needles but to knit with four or five needles is still taking some getting used to.
Jim my partner had been begging me for weeks and weeks would I make Jim a new wallet and mobile phone holder?.  With the help of my wonderful friend Jean, Jean helped me make a pattern from the old
tattered case.
With Jim kindly being the taxi to lift my new heavy Pfaff sewing machine onto Jean's work table, some how we conjured up the magic of the new wallet with the chosen bits of spare material from the fabric stash.

  I had to learn all over again how to switch the sewing machine on, to sew.  As the wallet had a loop design at the back, I needed to learn how to do a button hole stitch on
that new sewing machine.  My goodness, I was really impressed.

I'm never going to be far away from my sewing machine for great lengths of time ever again.... so, with that buzzing in my little head, off I went to the Leicester Fabric Guild.
Whilst at the Fabric Guild I bumped into another lady who I had not seen for ages and was very saddened to hear about the passing of one of my group sewing teachers called Daphne. I was pleased to learn that the Thursday's craft group is still carrying on but making items for the Church Bazaar which Daphne tried so hard to get everyone to do, so watch this space everyone.