Friday, 29 December 2006

Lashing Down Rain

Hi Everyone

Some gorgeous fabric pieces popped through the door from Postman pat, this really cheered me up like a little kid on christmas morning. Quite a few fat quarters came through which I am using for my log cabins mainly in batiq. My favourite piece is a big sheet of fabric material with gorgeous bright colours or light houses, the sun, the moon, the colours make you feel so happy zappy. This is going to be my own personal lap quilt where it will drape on my satee. When feeling a little rained under Ill just wrap this magical quilt around me...well this is maybe third on my list of to dos list on the patchwork and quilting side.

Maybe this is a good thing i dont have kids or a man moaning at me so that i cant get on with my creativity.

I do alot of artwork also, Im going to see if a picture will upload.

The weather is terrible outside, really heavy cold rain. Scratch my whippet cross deerhound certainly wasnt long in nipping round the block in the park and Alice my greyhound lurcher wasnt long after. Surprise Surprise they both pulled their mummy home to get out of the rain and cold.

Today Im going to wash some fabrics and draw on interfacing lines so that im straight with the log cabins when I get sewing. I have a habit of getting quite wonky things made,,,, and everytime time I say right my next project is going to be that little bit straighter.

Later on in the day I will post some MORE and let you know how I get on with my projects and my thoughts.



Faith said...

well at 12.45 a bit past midday its still lashing down with rain outside and very cold. Ive had to put my heating on. just washing the fabrics now in the washing machine and drawing grids, at least im not standing at the bus stop in the rain. Im also looking for other blogs to read by other quilters.

Frances said...

Hello Faith, thanks for the nice comment you left on my Island Threads blog, as you could see I have not been blogging recently and I deleted my blogger blog in the summer so there are no links yet to the Quilting webrings,
if you take a look at these 2 blogs you will find lots of art/quilt links, enjoy,

Sharkeysday said...

Very neat picture! I love the colors! Welcome to blogging!

XFireLionX said...

Hi Faith, your new blog is coming along nicely my friend and I love the artwork that you have posted.
It's nice to know that you have started work on my quilt, I just know that it is going to be magical when it's finished, you are a star! PS it's Lashing down here too.