Friday, 29 December 2006

Logcabin one

Hooray.......... at last i have done my first log cabin piece for my huge quilt project based on the theme of sun moon and stars. Its been a nice day working away on materials strips, matching things together and relaxing with this.

I always have a problem sleeping I rarely get to sleep til 4 am so i try to get interested in magazines, reading other blogs or working on my own ideas.

I have only just got my scanner to work,,,,, you wouldnt believe i bought the scanner in the summer and just could not use it as i had alot of problems on the computer, but now i have windows xp, it works like a dream hence scanning my patchwork fabric lol.

As im artistic and really into colours my logcabin certainly wont be boring, some strips would be like watercolours as if i had just gone over and let the colours bleed into one another. Thankgoodness for all these wonderful fabrics that you can now get via the net.

Fierce winds and rain still batter the window panes of my little flat, i know the winds are strong as Scratch keeps thinking theres a ghost at the window everytime the net curtains flap up.

Alice is bombproof she can sleep at anything where Scratch flaps at anything even if i put the oven on. I dont hear many things as Im hard of hearing, I have no hearing at all in my left ear and just a tiny bit of hearing in my right ear so i have to lipread.

Lipreading is hard work, if im brain dead and tired words just float by and Ive not a clue what is being said, if Im wide awake....... and got my hearing aid in then bingo I can just about manage alright.

This is another wonderful thing why I love quilting and crafts so much, I dont have to worry about looking at other people and worrying about what they are saying or missing out on anything. I can be my own boss and totally concentrate on what I am doing.

I was born deaf and no one knew I was deaf til I was four, so you can really imagine how a bit behind my speech was. I had a really good speech therapist though that have done wonders to get me to speak and Im grateful for that. Nowadays speech is not as important with deaf pupils and kids at school which is ashame as alot get lazy and just cannot be bothered to speak and just use sign language instead.

So now you know why I love this blogging........


SeamRippstress said...

The sun and moon log cabin is lovely! Great rich batiks and color choices. I loved your words on quilting and the love you have for it.

The Calico Cat said...

Love that block... I have a solar and a lunar quilt planned & quite the collection of six pointed stars fabrics... They make it into quite a few of my quilts!