Friday, 29 December 2006

Days Of Confusion for The Confused Mind

Its one of those difficult nights or very early hours in the morning where I just cannot sleep.

Nutbud here had been good I did'nt go for a nap in the afternoon and did quite alot of work on crafts projects. I guess its being a creative artistic individualistic person with a mind that just cannot switch off. On the Friday I was so convinced that Christmas day would be on a Sunday, somehow my mind and thinking process kept programming it's christmas christmas on sunday when all along the mind it was on a MONDAY. What was I thinking?

I was so convinced that the binmen were coming today so I took out my bin and the neighbour's bin . There wasnt another bin in sight. "huh" they got it wrong i smiled to myself, they've done this before when the binmen came sometimes the other neighbours didnt even bring out the bins. Bin number 8 and 6 stuck out like a sore thumb...... I kept checking to see if the bin men had come but nope ive not felt the vibrations from the dustbin lorry waggon.

Maybe the binmen have made a mistake, maybe they've gone on holiday. While the rain lashed down yet again a quick peep in number 6 bin showed it was quite full, ooooo look he's thrown away his net curtains and bought some new ones. I didn't know some men bothered about net curtains. Now my bin was still chockablock full, I just would not be able to wedge anything there. The nutbud that I am I've been nipping my rubbish to the bin over the road at one in the morning while no one was looking. I prayed to god there were no Sweeny Todd fleshy bits in there with the postman's arm sticking out, prayed to god no one sees me in my grannie nighties with my black puffa coat full of doggie scoop bags, empty ones of course, and my furry polish hat.

What a sight for the neighbour if he did see me, well if the poor bugger did I,m sure he'd of poured another shot of whisky.

So lets hope the damn binmen come in the morning so that theres no more tripping over the road. It wasnt today it's tommorrow they come. I just had to write this down... something different to read about instead of boring blog politics, blog viagra and blog barbie dolls, don't you just hate them?

It's been really interesting reading other blogs, you get to know the personality of that person. Either happy interesting with interesting things to say, or....... I've noticed how the way people write........ what not nice personalities they would be, it takes alsorts to make this world go round. I just hope there's no more confusion not for me anyway over the weekend, I'm even making my dogs confused with the way they are looking at me.

Well I must go now, try and get some sleep.

Sleepy Byes.........



jessi said...

hi faith...thanks for your visit! it's always really cool to get visits from people across the world!!! browsed your blog and saw that piece of your's beautiful!!! and so is that art work you posted!! very talented. I am a artist turned the creative outlet and that i am telling our family's story!!! anyway...have a fabulous and sparkly new years!!!

Brenda said...

Hi Faith...welcome to blogland and thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will follow me to my new home

You mentioned that you are interested in joining the Artful Quilters Web Ring. You don't need a website for this, just a blog with regular posts and an emphasis on contemporary quiltmaking. Click on "Join" on my Artful Quilters Blog button for more details.

Happy New Year!

Sioux said...

Happy New Year, Faith. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your story of the bin men...our garbage men didn't come on the right days either, last week...can't wait to see what they do this week.

Again, Happy New Year.