Tuesday, 2 January 2007

New Years Eve

I really miss not working on the internet browsing around blogs and writing my own. My own computer is being really naughty and not letting the aol work at all, freezing the screen up. God knows why the naughty thing..... Well the other good excuse is Im able to get on with alot of work while not browsing the net. Ive been rinsing my fat-quarters in fabric conditioner and thinking about my log cabin patchwork squares for the colour range including black strips.
I really have loved doing the hand stitching bit but Ive decided I really must get the sewing machine out after all. It would make it so much quicker and the squares would just grow and grow even more.
I've to get my ironing board out too, I'll try not to trap my fingers and thumb this time, my thumb is still really sore from trapping the flesh last time.
My hounds had a wonderful run this morning on the field and chased two cats up the tree. Thankgoodness my hounds can't climb trees.
They have tried then given up after a few attempts after deciding they are not superdogs after all.
The weather is quite nice this morning, light but not too cold, at least it's not throwing it down buckets of rain.
I hope AOL have got rid of that horrible image of Saddam Hussein with a noose round his neck I didnt like that image at all, it sent shivers down my spine. I bet he wrote a secret book in prison while still alive about his life and family not forgetting the other horrible things. Somebody sick will publish this book. I won't get into politics I avoid it like the plague. I choose to quilt happy and get on with my little things in my world without other intruding not nice humans. Life is what you make it and Im certainly happy doing rainbow quilts at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

Like the rainbow quilts a lot!