Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Happy NewYear! to all bloggers and blogg readers.
Due to my iron packing in on New Year's Eve much to my total frustration. I had to switch to something else to work on. I had a lingering woollen rag rug that needed finishing off and some more woollen rag strips to be cut up from old coats. It was nice to have interesting tv in the background of Bleak house for several hours while I hooked and snipped away.
The weather has been sunny but getting cold. Once I nip the dogs out they want to nip back in again even they know the weather is changing.
Mum keeps telling me on the phone that we are going to get America's snow on the way. This is interesting as I have been reading blogs of other quilters and crafts people being snowed in and just getting on with their projects. Im missing my computer being on line, even that has packed in and waiting for my freind Jim'll Fix It to come and see to the computer for me Wednesday. I have taken some pictures of my hounds christening my rag rugs for me while still working on them.
It's who can get on the sattee first, me or the dogs. Usually I have to bribe them with tit bits out of the fridge to get them off. They do have a life of royalty with bits of salmon, herb tenderised chicken, ginger biscuits and other yummy things what ever mummy can find. No wonder they scoff their noses at the plain packets of dog meat.
I suppose it's like giving me an old yucky shirt for quilting when I've been working with wonderful rainbow fabrics.


XFireLionX said...

Hi Faith, good to see you back online and pictures of those needlecases look great, I am, as ever, well impressed. I am taking a sneaky moment at work to write you a quick reply (tut tut) - hopefully I will be able to do a "fix-it" on ur iron soon and you can get cracking again on those wonderful quilts

Sweet P said...

Hi Faith! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice note. I love your needlescases, bright and cheerful. I've added you to my bloglines so I'll know when you update your blog.

SeamRippstress said...

Faith, beautiful quilted needlecases. They look hand-dyed as well with wool? Love your blog!