Monday, 8 January 2007

Monday Monday Logcabins

Log-cabins in progress, another 75 to go

This morning after watching my dogs chase squirrels and chatting to the workmen about some future work I'd like doing in my flat, I got down to some serious quilting. I made a start on the dark to light electric blue log cabins toward the stars and moon quilt. So far I am very pleased with the colour choice this is working out all yummy. I have been really hard at work washing the fat quarters and ironing the pieces, now its time for Zola (my sewing machine) to hum it through for the rest of the day. My favourite pieces of material are in this log cabin which makes it more fun to work with, I'm so drawn to the gold glittery bits right in the middle and the next square a more paler camel colour but with lighter bits of gold, I just cant forget the electric blue it works so strikingly well. Now Ive got another 75 pieces of these log cabins to do in this colour range so Zola better not be sick today.

The weather out side is Noah's Ark weather absolutely pelting it down with rain, I am so glad that I'm not going out today apart from dog walking, so it's happy quilting all around.


XFireLionX said...

Good morning Faith,
Well, it's all coming along rather nicely and looking really good, those colours are blending really well, you are so clever! I hope that Zola behaves and the electricity lasts lol
Weather here the same, sorry to say, I think the North Sea has picked up a few friends on the way, like Lake Windermere or summing lol.
Keep up the good work now

joyce said...

The blue fabrics are indeed lovely. My last quilt had similar blues but there was not as much gold. It's going to be a fantastic quilt. Good luck with Zola today.

SeamRippstress said...

Yes I love these earthy colors together. The gold splashes in blue and browns work beautifully. Can't wait to see it all together! Zola is a lovely name. Mine needs a name now. maybe "Butch" no, hmm help me here..