Sunday, 7 January 2007

Honky Tonk to Quilts

Yesterday and today I've had a rotten sore throat and Ive still got it. Quilts have to be worked on the dogs have to be walked still and loads of exciting new ideas. It was nice to see a bit of sun today though I just wanted to roll over and go back to bed.

Saturday morning I had to work in the charity shop sorting out bags serving customers. By the time it came to one in the afternoon I could not wait to go to my favourite patchwork shop.

The owner of the shop is a great sewing teacher also based around patchwork and quilting.

I asked the lady if I was on the right path about my applique technique, I was ever so pleased I asked as she showed me how to use freezer paper and how to get the freezer paper out once the shape had been sewn round. I did enquire about using some rags from the charity shop that I thought i could use.... but good job I checked I didn't realised polyester was in them too. These rags went back to another charity shop, and I bought some more black quilting material in different styles different backgrounds. One has the gold notes and treble clefts which would be great for the musician friend of the quilt I'm doing it for. While I headed back to town I had to get some bobbins for the sewing machine, some new smaller scissors and had a little browse in the charity shop to see if there was anything good I could find.

I found some music cassette tapes all in a huge basket, at 50p each who could turn some down!.

A few a Marc Bolan and T-rex tapes were bought, Honky Tonk piano tunes and others all bits of fun while I'm working away at my quilts at what ever technique I have to do. The honky tonk is such a laugh to listen to you need to have a giggle while quilting away.

This morning I washed loads of black material ready for my log cabin and now on my way to cut the vilene backing paper to help guide me to keep my log cabins straight. I'm going to work on a few more silvery moons to applique onto the tiny squares. I have included another picture of my artwork this time a sun and moon painting which is for sale under the seller name of xfirelionx.

Happy quilting all of you



kathy said...

just found your blog and wanted to say I love the colors you use. Your little needle books are beautiful and your design work is great!

Cynthia said...

hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I love the painting you've shown.

I also like the needle books you made. I love the fabrics you used.

SeamRippstress said...

You Are an Arty Dudette! Love this male/female sun/moon piece Faith. Our color karma is similar.