Friday, 5 January 2007

Upon Paper Moons

  1. I just had post a cat picture after reading about CalicoCat so here you are cat a little cool cat picture here lol. i did this postcard a while back when I was part of a group to exchange postcards to America with other artists and crafters. That was quite a few years ago but I'm glad I kept a copy on the computer of my artistic images.

Ive not been able to do as much quilting today, I had been drawing moon shapes, cutting them out of lovely cotton silvery material and having a go at some fusible web. I had a stupid neighbour downstairs complaining that I'm making too much noise. Now if I had the music on the TV on I would understand it, but I do have to walk round my floors I'm not like an elephant. Silly man..... one of the perils of living in a flat .

In the morning have to go to work. I work voluntary in a charity shop sorting out clothes, stock and selling to the customers. I do enjoy this as I have come home with little treasures that no one else wanted, destined for the bin. Twice Ive come home with little mini patchwork kits for pillows from the seventies, and bought home some sun and moon themed items such as candles and crystal medallions that you hang from the ceiling. Al sorts can happen in a charity shop, we get good days and bad days, strange characters and happy characters. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I wish you all happy quilting....



XFireLionX said...

Hi Faith,
Love the Cool Cat she is a purr..fect example of your wonderful happy artwork, thanks for sharing her with us.
Don't worry about old grumpy downstairs, he must have a Victor Meldrew complex.
Luv Jim

paula, the quilter said...

Faith, thanks for visiting my blog. I could not reply to your comment since you came through as 'noreply-comment'. But to answer your question: I did 2 of the quilt plans in EQ6. The 3rd one is a combination of techniques: digital images of the completed blocks printed out to scale, colored pencils, graphite pencil, & marker. Ah, don't forget the glue too! As a former technical illustrator and graphic designer I find I'm more comfortable working 'old skool' in some situations, LOL!