Friday, 5 January 2007

12 Blocks Later

My sewing machine has been working like mad well into the night, I was like a quilter posessed sewing strip after strip on the log cabins. Im pleased what Ive done theres still a long way to go yet. Im going to have a go at applique work by doing moons from shiny silvery fabric. I have never done applique before so Im hunting round all my books about how to do applique, I suppose everyone has their own tecnique.

Postman pat minus his black and white cat called the other day to deliver some post but I didnt hear the postman and my dogs don't bark so missed him.

I had to collect this parcel what ever it was so I got a taxi to the post depot expecting to collect just one book. I got a shock I had to collect a sack for parcels I felt like santa.

I had forgotten alot of wonderful fabrics had been ordered to work on my several exciting projects of quilts. So theres alot of hand washing and drying to be done.

The weather is cold and keeps trying to rain. Ive just done a rough sketch about how I want the log cabin to look so far sucessful, Ive still got a very long way to go yet.

Its all the fun of designing and thinking things through and planning things.

About three in the morning I clutched a piece of paper of my quilt plan and had fallen asleep lol.

I've taken some photos of my progress quilt so far.

Happy quilting



Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' these blocks! Where did you get that fabric? It is awesome!

The Calico Cat said...

WOW - that was quick...

Your moon - is it cotton or a fabric that will fray a lot like satin?

If it will fray a lot, I suggest the method that uses freezer paper and glue stick...

(There are many methods and many applique devotees, use the method that is best for that particular project... I took a year long class on applique & learned quite a few methods.)

SeamRippstress said...

Love the colors and prints on those blocks! Definitely no my moma's log cabin