Thursday, 4 January 2007

Nutbud at Work

This after noon I thought I should post a picture of myself working at one of the craft fayres at the beginning of December 2006. My aim for the Kelham Island Museum Christmas fayre was to demonstrate rug hooking. For several months I hooked away at the rugs like crazy and collected materials from the rag market. This was really hard work and as I worked away hand hooking the rugs, the rugs just got heavier and heavier. My other side of thoughts wanted to cancel the fayre as I hadnt had one for years and honestly thought I would not sell any stock of even have enough stock. I had no worries at the end of the day though. it was all great experience and taught me such a lot. Me and my dear soulmate managed to sell a couple of cards and we did have a small gathering of people interested in how I made the old clipper rugs.

Depending how I feel and how much stock I get prepared I may do the Kelham Island at the end of 2007. I may include some small quilting items and cot quilts now that Im thinking about it.

There were no other stalls showing quilts either. It's just nice to show what you've made and what demonstrate little bits of crafts. Who knows what we will do.

Most of my yummy fabrics have nicely dried in the wind outside now so Im going to iron these pieces and start cutting them them the rotary blade and have fun. Don't worry the Absinthe is safely tucked away in the cupboard for emergencies only. The shock tonic.

Why would I need a shock tonic?.......... when Ive accidently dyed all my lovely white knickers grey and yucky, when i catch my well aged neighbour downstairs pink naked in the window while getting in my door but hes enjoying his flashing exercises. When I've run out of exciting fabric to quilt with. When my dogs are forever fluffing and I need the gasmask.

Happy quilting

will write later



XFireLionX said...

Hi Faith,
I love that picture and it brings back a lot of happy memories of that wonderful craft fair at Kelham Island. For those that do not know Kelham Island Museum it really is a most amazing and atmospheric building dedicated to the manual skills of the good people of Sheffield since the days of the Industrial Revolution and was the perfect setting for just such an event. You really worked hard for that Craft Fair (I can vouch for that fellow blog followers, Faith worked like a skivvy) and your crafting certainly drew in many people who were happily sharing their own memories of rug making and enjoying the "trip down memory lane" that you provided for them.
Hey what a good idea to do it all again next Christmas and add some of your wonderful quilting work into the mix!
Luv Jim

SeamRippstress said...

Lovely hooked rug work Faith! They look thick and warm. You DO look like your working like a "skivvy" (whatever that is)