Saturday, 27 January 2007

More Log Cabins to Do

I must admit last night I did get tired doing the log cabins so I had to walk away take a break and read some magazines. Don't things get to you like this sometimes? where you have to walk away refresh you mind then go back to the project the next day inspired with new ideas and inspiration?. I'm pleased to of done the twelve clouds in formation blocks. Ive next to do the lightning twelve blocks and the sequined stars in the middle to do. Now when the last lot are done then I can sew my first strip of twelve log-cabins and I cant wait to do that, this is the exciting bit. Ive to work in the charity shop this morning, I don't mind as I often find little treasures. I found a silk cravat for my dear friend and an old fashioned cheese grater where you just turn the handle saves you grating your own skin. I must admit when I get tired ,when I catch myself of the pins it does WAKE me up! After some housework this afternoon I will get down to some more log-cabins. This is a slow process but its a nice one, I love seeing things slowly coming together.

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quiltpixie said...

sounds like your enjoying the process -- and since so much of quilting is that its a good thing :-)