Sunday, 28 January 2007

Quilt Thoughts and Sneezing Fits

Hey All

Ive not done much stitching this weekend due to the fact of having sniffles (a growing cold).

Some light purple lilac quilting fabric was purchased for the continuous log-cabin. Next to the lightning square, one side will be dark purple and the other side will be light purple. The light purples have been lovingly washed with fabric conditioner, the material has now dried so its ready for a good iron and to be cut into the strips with the rotary cutter.

Saturday was busy and interesting in the charity shop. I managed to buy a silk man's neck tie for my dear bohemian friend and a tapestry of a tiger which someone had lovingly done.

I just could not ignore these items, knowing how long it takes for needlework to be done by hand.

Being a quiltaholic and mad on anything to do with quilts most of my spare money goes on yummy fat quarters and quilting books second hand in charity shops. I felt I had won a million dollars when I managed to buy a Kaffe Fassett book on patchwork for just 99p.

Going home and walking my dogs on the field was a bit upsetting as I noticed a gang of boys gathered round a dead corpse of a dog. It was so upsetting being an avid dog lover myself. The dogs were upset too, so were the boys. The corpse had come from somewhere and I was deeply upset that the paws were placed in different places not far from the body. I phoned the police and all they sent were the street cleaners to clear the dog away. I waited hours in the cold for the police hence why i have the cold, and they didn't come. As me and the dogs were cold we just had to go home. I'm always thinking about that poor little dog about Scratch's size just laid there. Who ever did that to the poor dog want stringing up. I had never seen a dead dog corpse before with bits of paw everywhere and when you love animals it's pretty disturbing.

The dogs nor I have been on the field as the memory is still a bit painful so we've all been walking a detour somewhere else.

Ive included one of watercolour fun picture today hope you will like it.


quiltpixie said...

may the memory fade, and the joy that your dogs bring you bring comfort...

SeamRippstress said...

Heartbreaking. I remember seeing a poodle hit by a car 15 yrs ago and it still haunts me. Dogs are such innocent bundles of love. Kaffe Fassett in a resale shop? Now That's a ray of sunshine!

Elle said...

Oh! That's horrible!