Saturday, 3 February 2007

Poor Alice

My greyhound lurcher has a sore back, sore hips, so shes going to the vets at 10.30am.

I've been mucking out my kitchen and trying to tidy up due to so many quilt-a-holic days. No worries though Ill be back on Zola the sewing machine soon as I'm really itching to carry on with the log cabins. It was bargains galore when I managed to get a quilting book from a charity shop.

One of those books from the 80s to very early 90s. I will write back on here what it is, as I want to take some latest pictures of my log cabins. My latest blocks have sequined stars sewn in the middle of them with beads. This makes it different and nice, if it doesn't rain later on then I will take some photos. The weather has been really warm in the midday most unusual for this time of the year and then really cold and frosty in the morning. I will catch up and get to read every ones blog I have missed everybody I will have a peep later and that's a promise. For now Im going to include another one of my pictures until I get some more photos done

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