Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Suuny Wednesday

Hopefully soon I will post my latest sun and moon project of the 24 blocks all sewn together. I have been working on the blocks on and off. I don't know how anyone can work fast on a quilt, it all takes time and planning, stitching this, stitching that, finding the right colours to match.

Its a beautiful sunny day outside and absolutely freezing. The weather forecast mentions that there could be lots and lots of snow on the way. They might be right for once as midday it has been strangely warm. I refuse to hang my knickers out to dry as they will be come solid and hard enough to play ping pong balls with. My biggest nightmare are my knickers blowing in someone Else's garden as all up and down here in my block of flats they are all men. I suppose they never hang their Y fronts out in case the wind blows it onto my balcony. id dread to think of the colour! My dogs would sniff and pull faces so would I but I'm certainly not sniffing any if any came my way. My fat quarters do proundly hang with colours on my little balcony when I do rinse them, I'm proud of them like a little child with coloured flags. The fat quarters are then loving ironed then cut into strips.

While the sun has been blaring loud streaks through my curtains I have been thinking about my very own quilt for my own bed imagining it in my mind with loud happy rainbow colours. I have been working on blocks bit by bit for this when not on the suns and moon quilt. If I have a spare three pounds I just might get a nice fat quarter. Its funny isn't it I don't go for the big mega box of chocolates to spoil myself i just go for a yummy fat quarter full of colour and life.

Happy quiltingx



quiltpixie said...

funny about hanging undies outside... My grandmother taught me to "hide" my unmentionanbles between the sheets on the line here in Canada... now I mostly use the dryer, but automatically hide them if I hang clothes outside.. :-)

joyce said...

It seems appropriate that 'spare pounds' should be used to buy a 'fat' quarter. Lol.

SeamRippstress said...

I'm imagining frozen fat quarters made of whisical undies...frozen of course! Dang it sounds COLD there girl!