Monday, 12 February 2007

Red Headed Girl

So many buddies have been talking about my new red hair colour that I thought I would show my new hair style with it being so arty farty and different. No don't worry, I've not turned into a punk rocker, I'd never get any sleep that way. I took the plunge and had my hair dyed red.

The reddest I could get it, and everyone said wow it suits me, so I'm going to keep it this way.

I am still doing my log-cabin blocks. I'm waiting for a break in the day when the weather is not raining so that i can take pictures of the latest logs cabin outside. The first 24 blocks at the bottom have been sewn together. I'm now on the third line, everything surely is taking time.

I still get really bad tummy aches and the doctors say its very painful Polycistic ovary syndrome ouch!!! I have read alot about this and the doctor gave me alot of paperwork about this condition and it answers questions about alot of health problems in the past. About two years ago I had a miscarriage nine weeks into pregnancy and I had been baffled why this was so.

After reading about loads of things on Policistic Ovary Syndrome it mentions miscarriages are common. I don't have a partner right at this minute which I'm glad about as I delve right into my patchwork and quilting but theres still a little place in my heart about little kids so In the future I'm going to make another cot quilt, and who knows what's round the corner.


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SeamRippstress said...

Faith, I LOVE your hair! I've got a bit of catching up to do on your bloggin. It does become you and next howabout a quiltin tatoo? I too had a miscarriage this time last year and it sucks all over again. That's why i quilt and toil away in my sewing sanitarium :) blessings faith