Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Bits and Scraps

I have been zooming round the log cabins still patiently working away bit by bit. It dawned on me all these lovely cut off pieces trimmed off the ends of log cabins, so ended up sewing these bits together in continuous long tape, just playing round experimenting. Maybe these will end up as a mis and match pillow slip to go with the huge quilt when it's done.

Several months ago I hand quilted a cot quilt for my nephews new baby girl and word has got round about this little cot quilt that someone wants one which has made my day. They take so long to make which is the problem. Well maybe once I get the back-log of this large quilt out of the way a bit more I will be able to do some little things.

This morning I was having a strange dream until I felt a cold nose at the side of my cheek trying to wake me up. It was Alice telling mummy to either stop making strange noises which maybe I was doing or she simply wanted to go out and get on the bed. You forget how cold and fresh a dog's nose can be. It is certainly better than an alarm clock.

When not too drowsy with painkillers I have been zipping and zapping with the machine, so far I am really pleased with my work so far.

Well its beddy byes time from me and the girls, will write again tomorrow.


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