Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Self Healing

This morning I was so sick of pain and so sick of the doctors saying there's nothing more they can do just take more painkillers blah blah blah that I took myself out. I headed my way to a spiritualist church that specialised in healing on a Wednesday. If I hadn't of gone perhaps I would of cut into my lovely big quilt I'm making by accident which i definitely do not want.

The day was lovely and clear but cold, I felt a bit drunk with the painkillers I had taken through the night, I knew I could not take any more. So off to the church I went.

I had been there before a couple of months ago when I had really bad vertigo and it did help after a lady healer. The church always looked nice and welcoming despite the odd plastic flower arrangements here and there with all colours jumbled together possible. A Russian European looking guy put his hot glowing hands on my shoulders, back and neck, it felt so calming and for those lovely couple of minutes I felt as if I had a hot water bottle placed on me. It was nice and through those moments I was pain free, absolute heaven. It was not long before the session was over. I swore I could smell someone smoking so close to me, I looked around but there was no one there smoking, that was an interesting experience that. After drinking a glass of water it was time to go. I could of stopped there all afternoon it was so nice. The advise was to go back next week and the week after that to try and sort the pains out. I do believe something is there to help when you need it.

In the afternoon I had a nap to build up my quilting energy for tonight. Sure enough the machine has been busy again and now on the fourth line of blocks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will be fine tomorrow so that I can take some shots. I will have to do it outside as the blocks are so long and I will have to pin some of the blocks next to the wooden fencing. I get lots of strange looks from the neighbours even from the magpies lined up on the fencing. By the way happy valentine's day to everyone hope everyone had lots of sweet hearts and flowers and got the chance to do some quilting. My favourite bit for today was stroking a gorgeous dapple grey police horse who was so handsome and so made me want to get another horse again.......... ooh those pangs kicking at your heart when you are horse mad lol.

Quilting is such great therapy to get over pains both physically and emotionally especially when you miss horses. Nope I'm not talking about men Ive no time of day for some of them! I'm happy doing my quilts, being with my dogs and dreaming horses.



Ancestor Collector said...

Hi Faith! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hubby is already famous in England, I'm afraid. I was born there, and so I have all my relations there. We travel over every few years and he gets on so well with everyone. He's a good guy, and although I thought up a project that made him sneeze and cough, he really doesn't complain (much).

I hope you'll feel better soon. POD is so painful but hopefully you can find something that will work for you.

Glad to meet you in this blogging world!

quiltpixie said...

may you find ways of managing the pain that are effective for you... Chronic pain is so very dibilitating, and unless you suffer from it, I don't think people have any idea just how utterly draining it can be.