Monday, 22 January 2007

Stars On A Monday

Stars On A Monday

Working with the horoscope signs were fun, cutting out of fabric brought from a little job lot on ebay I think.
Sometimes you can forget where these wonderful fabrics come from as they are odd bits and sometimes never to be seen again.
The weather is just horrendous outside with monsoon heavy rain. Im just glad to keep quilting and thinking of the next twelve blocks.
I have thought about handpainting some lightning on fabric but Im not sure whether this will work, I suppose I could experiment I do have some fabric paint to mix in a little accrylic to make it whiter, Its just a thought. I have already washed the fabric for the twelve blocks of Clouds in Motions bit, with the cloud material in the middle and all greys round the outside. On the tuesday's patchwork and chinwag group Im going to take my little black patches to sew sequined stars for the middle of that twelve block section. Sorry if I am confusing you all but I am posting my progress of working and designs this quilt bit by bit. There's loads and loads of log cabins to do yet before sewing the blocks together.

Late last night I got drawn into painting onto blocks with fabric paint doing the lightning strikes which I think will look okay. I'm hoping to give them another three coatings, let them dry then iron them, using them for the centre of another twelve more blocks.

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joyce said...

Have you ever tried a bleach pen? They just appeared in stores here lately. They have a fine tip so you can bleach a line. I bought on but haven't experimented much yet. It would keep the fabric softer than paint. According to the blogs, when you are done you soak the fabric in stuff that they use to get the chlorine out of water for fishtanks. I just got some of that too. It might work well for what you are doing.