Sunday, 21 January 2007

Quilter's Sunday

At last all the applique moons have had their log cabin strips sewn round them. I'm very pleased with the result. Saturday was a very busy day with working in the charity shop in the morning then quilt fever in the afternoon and the evening. I managed to salvage alot of old cotton tray cloths, linen table cloths and cotton napkins that were destined for the bin. Last night I managed to wash a few and ironed some pieces before the rotary cutting session on them. These will go towards an old style log cabin with bits of pink in and recycled cotton material from long ago. While I were ironing these pieces I did wonder where they once belonged too, what kind of personalities placed these gorgeous napkins elegantly on their laps? What kind of royalty looking homes were attached to this bit of material? all sorts of thoughts flooded my mind.

Ive to clear the desk ready for the next set of 12 blocks to work on with the horoscope middles relating to the future owner of this quilt of Leos, librans and Virgos. This will be fun matching the already washed pieces of fat quarters to match to the middle and seeing which goes where, I love playing around with colours.

The weather is still cold but behaving itself without throwing down buckets of water on me and the dogs. Nutbud with her rainbow socks and and rather strange looking hat threw pieces of stale bread and old cereal for the crows and the birds on this so muddy field. The dogs had a wonderful gallop and roll on the field and happiness is thinking about quilts and making quilts, seeing happy mad pets and admitting yes quiltaholics are ace!!


joyce said...

It's amazing how putting the log cabin borders on the stars changes the look of them. Well done!

quiltpixie said...

thanks for the encouragment re my stitched blocks.... sometimes I'm just so uninspired nothing looks "right".

I love the idea of someone collecting the bits of cotton and linen sent towards the bin -- I can only imagine how beautiful it'll be all sewn together.

Samantha said...

these blocks look so wonderful!