Friday, 19 January 2007

Tis Friday Is Quilt Day

Hey All

I did write a nice piece last night on this blog but the gnomes in blogland shut down the blogworld empire just as I was about to publish.... naughty gnomes indeed.

I'm writing to tell you all about my suns and moon quilt, Ive now appliqued all the moons so now its time to do log cabin strip round the moons, I thought about doing purple one side and something interesting the other side. I enjoy using gridded vilene as it helps me to keep the lines straight... maybe in the future I can sew just on plain white muslin squares but for this special project I'm being straight for once lol.

My ironing board will be set up and again and my iron honking tonking into action ironing the lovely fabrics that I washed a few days ago, I get more excited as the project goes on.

Happy Quilting to you all.



The Calico Cat said...

Nice moons - neat concept with the gridding... Strainght is not something I strees over - either it is or it isn't, either way it is still a quilt!

joyce said...

The moons are looking good. It should look really nice with the suns. I'll be watching!

SeamRippstress said...

I'm with Calico Cat on the straights - most of the time I have to live without them. I'll try that gridding paper though! Will this be a zodiac quilt? Throw a pisces fish in there for me :)