Thursday, 18 January 2007

Ghastly weather,,so it's Quilt Time

When I got up this morning I still had all the curtains drawn so didn't notice how bad the weather was til Scratch my little hound barked a little to go out and wow what a bad weather day. Winds are fiercely blowing the rain is hard cold and lashing, it was not long til Scratch came running back in again, Alice took one look at the weather then walked back in again.

Later on I will have to prize Alice out into the open again to "get-done", as I say to her.

I'm still working on my applique moons to sew them onto little square backgrounds which will be the centre of the log-cabins. The next little square black squares with gold glitter will have gold sequined stars sewn in them all twelve of them. Yesterday I cut out some squares from fabrics with the star signs of Leo, Libra and Virgo, these will also be the centre of the log cabins.

I'm hoping the postman pat will come this morning as I'm expecting some fabrics to work on the back of a quilt named princess Raj due to all the jewelled coloured squares. One side are all traditional square blocks and the other side I would like larger Bali squares so that one side is traditional and that the other side is contemporary.

At least I can get my sewing machine zip zapping today with out any complaints from my neighbour as it's daytime Yippee.

I have enclosed another one of my watercolour art works.

Happy quilting everyone.

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SeamRippstress said...

Your watercolor looks textured. Beautiful work and just what i needed on a dreary rainy day. I saw another England blog today with trees Zipped over. You need to zip zap that cranky neighbor of yours what with all that wild sewing your wakeing the whole neighborhood! Gimmer a break!