Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Appliq`ue Dreams

Tuesday is another of England's typical grey weather of rain cold no sunshine with a strange eeriness of nothing but dampness and doom and gloom if you think of it that way.

I've switched my heating on, and going to dabble with my applique moons this morning.

I'm delighted to work with freezer paper its working like a dream. I'm actually enjoying sewing round the moon with this quilting thread that's working like silk and the freezer paper coming away like magic. Theres twelve of these moons to complete this morning before embarking on twelve more stars of just sewing on sequined stars. Sewing is excellent therapy when you get a bit of depression at times and when life feels just a little harsh now and again.

I always find that while working on one huge quilt project I'm working on another.... well thinking about another, Ive been thinking about the crows on the picture I posted on here yesterday thinking how marvelous that picture looks that someone painted yesterday.

I love folk art designs and the naive ways how they are painted cut out and put together.

This afternoon is the wonderful trip to the quilting shop group to show our latest projects and what we have been up to. I could of done so much more quilting work in the last few days but Ive just been so busy in and out of offices filling in forms for the welfare state. After extreme head injuries in 1991 after being knocked down by a car I just cannot work full time.

So at the moment there's all the battles of forms after forms after one bright spark decided to stop all my money to live on just because the person said I'm okay to work not even looking at my medical records or seeing my doctor. Head Injuries in a person is something you can't see they cannot walk around with a white stick or show an arm or leg missing.

My quilting and painting is excellent therapy and I'm so grateful for blogging it's such good fun.

I'm going to post one of my watercolours which I did a long time ago and stored in my computer, we could do with a bit of sunshine and warmth.
The afternoon at the quilting group has been lovely, it was worth battling through the rain and the bleakness of the grey weather, the rowdy buses of rude, bad tempered passengers and bus drivers, all wanting to be anywhere but the dark murky drizzly weather.
I was so pleased and felt homely once I entered the back of the patchwork shop with an enthusiastic teacher and other friendly faces so pleased to be talking about quilting and dogs which has been the topic today.
One lady bought in a gorgeous grandmother's garden patchwork which she is working on and wow it's so nice to see traditional quilting bought in from time to time, another lady bought in some patchwork that she was working on called the windmill block I think, making her first effort on the machine, she did marvellously and the colours were all yellow bright and sunny, just what we need on this dark gloomy day.
There was one more lady apart from the teacher who decided to bring her knitting, making a child's pair of booties, I thought it was nice that the group could bring anything they wanted to. When four o'clock came I could not believe how fast the time had flown, I was sorry to pack up and go actually, I so enjoyed the group, it was so nice and such a breath of fresh air to meet other quilters and animal lovers.
Now I'm back home, the dogs have had their run on the quagmire muddy field, I got my socks and trainers wet, but the dogs don't care they are happy as sandbags them two. They have had their gallop, been towelled dry, yes my babies demand to be dried once they are all muddy and wet. They have had their tinned rabbit dog food and biscuits and now lazying with legs stretched out on the bed, happy souls.
It's now my turn to think what I'm I going to do next?. I'm going to put some tea on and keep working on the little applique moons while I'm thinking about it.
Happy Quilting

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SeamRippstress said...

Faith I love how you transform your emotion into your creations. Your love and recovery touches me deeply. I've been fiercely creating to dig out of depression myself as it's the only thing that helps me. I wish I could write as poetically as you. So glad to have found you :) Stitch deeply girl!