Sunday, 14 January 2007

Old and New

The weekend was interesting with a visit to the Weston Park museum in Sheffield.

The museum had to be closed just several years ago due to the buildings being in such bad state. Lottery funding and lots of money raising were able to help save the outside of the building but a new inside shell had to be built. I remember this place close to my heart as it was where I use to go to art classes on a Saturday morning when I was a little girl. I was pleased this place was able to be saved and that it's designed more for kids a touch feel see atmosphere.

I managed to take some photos before I got stopped by the museum keeper BOOOO!

anyway I will put up what I did manage to get on my camera. The one you see of a huge star with crows are folk art paintings, one day this will be an excellent idea for a quilt. Just look at the tiny stitch ideas. wow, brilliant stuff.

I'm hoping to get on with some applique work today after filling in forms and a visit to town.


joyce said...

Is the top picture a quilt or a painting? It really looks like a quilt.

Faith said...

This is a folk art painting, this is why I took a photo of this piece as it so looks like a quilt, it's great is'nt it. This is already giving me ideas for future quilt designs with a real folk art feel about it

Molly said...

Love the star with crows....Is that your art work in the previous post? Lovely teapot. I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings....sometimes I think i'm just blathering on and would be better employed scrubbing my floors. But I wouldn't have half as much fun! Will be watching for the quilt you make from the star and crows inspiration...