Thursday, 11 January 2007

That Friday Feeling

Friday Friday

The coldness snaps the air which makes you grateful just to be inside and do a bit of quilting. Over the last two days I did try to upload new blog journal material but some how this blog thing wouldn't except it, so after getting frustrated I just upped and left the blogger thing in annoyance called the damn thing a b*gger then went and got on with some quilting.
I am still working on the applique moons, I've still got another six shimmering white bits to iron and stitch next to the freezer paper then sew onto the other little navy pieces.
While on a little trip to the newsagent two days ago I spotted some wrapping paper whose design would look fabulous quilted on a quilt or something with all the wonderful swirls and lines. I'm not able to do hours after hours of quilting I've managed to do just a bit but it's better than nothing.


The Calico Cat said...

Beautiful watercolor - did you paint it?

Faith said...

Yes Calico
I thought Id use some interesting pictures out of my old sketchbooks. Ive not done any watercolour for a while but I just might get some inspiration from the museums and galleries this weekend from my hometown of sheffield.