Friday, 16 February 2007

Grey Friday

The weather is grey raining and horrible today reminding me of the paintings of matchstick men by Laurie I think, well correct me if I'm wrong I'm quilt thinking about future quilts that I have been asked to do which is an honour. I' ve been putting my emotions and thoughts into my quilts as Ive been zapping along with the sewing machine. I overslept this morning after my naughty hound Scratch got me up at 5am to let her out for the nature calls. I should of got quite a few important letters this morning about my health and other issues and was quite cross I didn't hear anything. One phone call later it was confirmed I had to see the doctor this afternoon and get referred to a specialist at a hospital. That comment frightened me a bit you know, I phoned my mum and she tried to focus me peace bless her... what would we do without mums eh? we would be lost with out them. Next I just got sewing strip after strip on the machine, putting in all my thoughts, just like a painter would get on the canvas brushing, reworking the paints into other with one's own soul. The humming of the sewing machine was therapeutic like a lullaby ushing me into quiet thoughts and peace with the rainbow colours of the precious fabrics which to me are like gold and gems from one's King crown. I only just get enough money to survive on for me and the dogs so bits of fabric are expensive and so so precious. That's good in a way because I appreciate the fabric the colour and don't waste it away. It makes me feel like some American pilgrim hoarding the precious quilting material which was at that time so hard to get and so valuable. Here in England we get damn tax after tax on cotton material which makes it expensive. My other precious moments are working at the charity shop where I can come across odd men's shirts saying 100 per cent cotton. When I see them it's yippee..... that will be a couple of strips on a log cabin or a couple of squares on some beloved cot quilt. As the weather is damn raining yet again and my lurchers are sleeping in nod land, I thought I would find a picture of a sun that I had painted and stored on this computer. Have a good QUILTING day and may you get lots of stitching done.


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SeamRippstress said...

Faith, I love the way you express your poetic thoughts. I do hope your health is held in angels warm hands. Please send me your address as I have a few homemade dishes of warmth I've brewed in Texas meant to cure you.