Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Out Of Gold

Out of Gold

I did zoom like mad with Zola the sewing machine this morning working on yet more log-cabins. It became a quilter's nightmare when I was realising that I was beginning to run out of gold material like a marbly effect for the centre of some of the blocks.
"Don't worry!" I said to myself thinking that my patchwork shop would have some in stock. When I went to my usual quilting group and found they had none of this gold left I thought eeeeek Oh no! what do I do now. Trish who owns the shop said she will try and get some more gold. Apparently the gold I got at the time was part of the Christmas range and that the range doesn't come out til before Christmas, I thought "DUH!" how daft can I get,,,,,, it will teach me in the future always to get plentiful amount in what project I'm doing always best to have a little bit left over than under. (Sigh).... well if the shop cant get any then I will write to patchwork shops up and down the country to see if they have some of this fabric. So fingers crossed eh?
I'm going to enclose a painting in what I did in the past.
Hope everyone is well.
happy Quilting everyone.

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quiltpixie said...

I'm sure you'll find something that will look marvelous! Ebay and on-line shops are also worth a look though if your committeed to that particular fabric....