Friday, 23 February 2007

New Quilt to Quilt

I didn't make this quilt, it was bought for me off the Internet by a dear friend who spotted this wonderful quilt top in the Unfinished quilt section on ebay. When this wonderful king size quilt arrived and I opened up the packaging I just had to get the wadding and get the backing. It was too yummy to leave aside. Alot of work had gone into this, it was done by someone in Cork Ireland. This is a nice thought because all my best horses from the past came from there.

I bought several metres of plain cotton fabric to dye for the back and bought a pastel rainbow coloured quilting thread. This would be a good quilting practise project before I quilt onto the special suns and moon quilt when finished. I am still waiting for the middle gold for that but the good news is it is hoped it will be in stock soon. I have dyed the backing and so far looking good.

All I need to do now is join this piece up and iron it.

Its a beautiful sunny day, I'm going to take it easy today, stay indoor and happily try and baste my new quilt together.

Have fun everyonexxxxx


1 comment:

quiltpixie said...

great quilt top. Wonder why someone would spend so much time getting it that far, then not finish it...