Saturday, 24 February 2007

Out Of Green

Last night I managed to repair one or two little holes in the quilt. Zola did me proud sewing a nice pale green hem round the edge of this quilt. However a headache came when I realised the green backing just was not enough to cover the whole piece. I did think to myself good job this is a practise piece when I realised this. I will have to get some more cotton fabric from the Indian shop and dye in the washing machine exactly as I did yesterday. My purse will be coughing and spluttering but so what it's a quilt that needs to be done.

Some pale fabrics arrived in the post this morning which was nice. These fabrics were for a cot quilt order which one lady has pulled out of and don't want now. I shall do a cot quilt for myself instead,,,,,, who knows what's round the corner, if there's no little tots of my own then at least my bears will be happy with this and again some artistic item which I had made around mad Nutbud's flat. This cot quilt will be just squares but with hand-quilted spirals in the wonderful pale rainbow thread in which you can now get. Practise makes perfect so many people keep telling me. The dogs will be happy I can't speak to them very well as Ive got a sore throat.

I've included another photo of my inspiration notice board which I look at for notes and inspiration while quilting and painting.

Happy Quilting.


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