Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Crazy Crazy

Crazy Patchwork first Time Ever.

While still waiting for the gold and the material and dye for the other quilt. I just felt I had to do something while I relaxed on the sofa. So out came the bag of scraps cut off from the log cabins and I started playing around. I was not quite sure what I was doing I was placing the fabric scraps layer after layer, and ooh that looked interesting and experimental. I looked up in my quilt book and thought what I was doing matched the crazy patchwork. Whoopee I thought, I love this. I loved this block, what I'm going to do next is try some stitching round the edges in cross stitch gold, or feather stitch. Something came to mind as a title for this "BROKEN", as this so looked like mosaic and shattered glass or pottery. Fabric is so precious and expensive to me that I was really pleased to use the bits in something.

The weather is gorgeous outside sunny and breezy but not too cold. Perfect for drying off fat quarters on my little balcony.

It's healing day today at the spiritualist church which I will go for. I have been feeling better and inspired and not as depressed which is excellent. I've still the million and one things to do for housework....eek don't I just hate it, but it has to be done. Naughty me... this gets done during my quilting and creative breaks.

I will look round all my friends blogs as Ive not been round them for a while so you may get some blog messages from me.

Happy Quilting.



quiltpixie said...

what a wonderful use of the scraps! I'm sure you'll love the completed block :-)

Libby said...

Aren't scraps wonderful? Looks like you are having a lot of fun. It was so nice of you to stop by my blog. I was just playing around when I switched the picture to sepia - I just love the neutral tones. The thing I found really fun was that you can see the quilting stitches clearly and they are virtually unseen in the color version.