Thursday, 1 March 2007

Lime Green stripes

Lime Green Backing

My second bundle of dying fabric turned out so much lighter than the first bundle. At first I thought that I would not be able to use this, then it dawned me I could always use stripes for the backing. So this is what Im doing, sewing the thick stripes bit by bit. This is just practise piece but I don't mind because the lovely lime colours are in my bedroom anyway.

I have included the backing with the iron on top(hee hee) Nutbud at work here.

I cannot wait to have a go at hand quilting again, I have not done this for a long time.

The morning was extremely cold but midday thank goodness the bitter cold winds have dropped. I've had to pop on my slippers and a jumper now that is saying something.

Happy Quilting


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