Friday, 2 March 2007

cold March Winds

Hey All

I cannot believe its March already, time is flying by. At last I have got the three layers together on my lime quilt. It was back breaking working the three layers with the micro gun on my bed as I have such a small flat. Yippee I'm so excited that Ive basted my first huge project together.

I just could not wait to have a go at hand quilting. This is excellent therapy and will be great to practise hand quilting. I was happy using the micro-stitch gun. You have to be careful not to prick yourself though, this came with a warning not to share as you can get HIV if sharing stuff like this. I rarely take my tools outdoors anywhere anyway... but I thought it was good the company put this warning on as you do not realise about these things. I'm up typing this instead of sleeping as I could not get to sleep. I put some washing in the wash and OOOOOd and ARRRRD at the Jim Shore site on the net. You know what I mean the amount of times my dogs have opened their eyes when they heard their mummy gasping at the pictures saying

"Ooh look at that..... ain't that lovely!" I am looking at how other artists paint with quilt ideas and designs in the background which has given me some ideas and mental note of things to do in the future. I bought a Scottish fairy tale book which I'm going to read to the dogs one day loll.

A book in the sale for 99p on Viking designs which will be great to practise my art ideas especially as one of my friends Fire lion is a bit of a viking nut bud which I think is great.

Well I'm going to sign off now as Ive to work in the charity shop later eek.

Happy Quilting


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joyce said...

I have been wondering if those quilt basting guns were any good. Maybe I should invest in one. I am not very fond of pinning or basting.