Sunday, 4 March 2007

Hand Quilting Delights

Hand Quilting Delights

At last I had got my gold material from the quilting shop which I am delighted about. I also purchased some new quilting needles and some beautiful quilting thread which goes from greens into pinks. I did cough at five pounds something for the reel but golly it is worth it. Though machine quilting can be good and save you alot of time in sewing material bits together, I do prefer to see hand quilting which gives the quilt a real aura and personality of it's own. Yesterday I used a German made brand quilting needle and it just would not glide through nicely. Today with the new quilting needles from the patchwork garden shop, the stitching went smoothly and not as stiff or bulky. I swear needles make the difference if they are sharper and more workable. My fingers are getting sore and tired, just like when you are doing anything new or different and using muscles and tendons that you do not normally use.
I can quilt better sat in my computer chair at the edge of my bed with the huge quilting hoop, resting at the corner of the bed. Other positions no matter how hard I tried I just could not get the hang of. At the desk, on my settee or in my Parker knoll chair, comfort ability has been a no no.
Isn't it strange how everybody has a favourite style and method of working totally different how someone else would work a technique.
Now the needles are sharper and I'm getting used to hand quilting again after a long silent spell, I am enjoying it again. When I get tired again I have to rest otherwise that is when mistakes start to happen and just everything gets tiring.
Music filled the air with Simple Minds, and Kate Bush with my favourite track "WOMAN'S WORLD" which I thought was so fitting while hand stitching away.
The weather has been beautiful and sunny, the morning went well at the charity shop with everything just a pound an item. Imagine how busy the tills were and the staff (puff.... puff). I'm sure I did plenty of exercise going up and down the stairs like a yo yo. The difference why I didn't mind doing this was because I love my voluntary job and feel that I am doing something to help back to the world.
After the charity shop job it was time to go to one of my favourite places called The Patchwork Garden shop. There was a workshop in the back room with all these wonderful budding needle workers stitching away and quilting a state of the art cushion with a stuffed flower and beads. Wow, these were awesome and I was so pleased that alot of youngsters were there and getting involved too, what a delight. This made my day seeing other budding stitchers.
Moments after a long nap I soon got hand quilting making a start on one block, I kept thinking is this right? how's it looking...... then I reminded myself that the more you do, the better you get and it's all practise, practise.
The telly hasn't had a bit of life today as there is nothing on and once I get working away on a project I just cannot stop.
The picture for today is a plate I did some time ago when I used to be in a ceramic class in north yorkshire. I had forgotten I had this image until I browsed through the files.


anne bebbington said...

Hi Faith - thanks for dropping by my blog - love your cat dish

Jane Weston said...
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Jane Weston said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. To answer your question about the coffee smell on the fabric. I think because I ran it through a vinegar bath after it must have neutralise the smell. Of course I have a terrible cold and I can't smell much at the moment :)

PS sorry about the deleted comment...I made a spelling mistake and wanted to correct it... :)