Monday, 19 March 2007

Ten Green Bottles

Ten Green Bottles.

This weekend I had the wonderful chance to go and explore as my dear Friend came up with Black Betty the car to go out and see places. Saturday was the chance to see the film called the Illusionist and wow I would recommend everyone to go and see it, its a wonderful film and a wonderful story with fantastic quality film making that you don't often see these days.

Sunday was great also with a visit to Elsecar Heritage centre where there was a spiritual fayre and round the centre tiny little workshops and a very small museum on bottles. I have taken some photos and posted this picture which made me think of ten green bottles song.

The weather has been snowing and really cold but it was good to get out, to go walking further in larger parks and woodlands with having company. Its been great everyone had a wonderful weekend. Now that my batteries have been charged up and inspired, I am thinking about fabrics and ideas, little projects.

One huge project almost finished left the flat which I'm so pleased about. This was a huge heavy rag rug made with woollens and weigh an absolute ton. All this needed was the middle done, so I took the opportunity to teach my Friend how to hook a rug and got my Friend to finish off the rug with will very soon lay on the new delighted owner's floor when done. My dogs were sorry to see the rug go as they did enjoy sleeping in the woollen nest while between breaks of being made. Another project got to leave the house also which I was happy about. This small needlepoint pin cushion scented bag, was finally made up and lovingly wrapped for mother's day. My mum was pleased with the lavender cushion. This is one reason why I just love making things and giving them to Friends and family.

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Diana said...

Faith, Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment! I love those three little blocks.

It sounds like you had a very productive weekend. The rug sounds interesting. Now the dogs will have to find some other place to "nest" in. LOL