Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Cold March Winds

As I have quite a few nice pictures from the visit to Elsecar I thought I would continue to post them as they as too nice to be tucked away in a file without anyone seeing them..

Here I have included some more antique bottles on display at the Elsecar Heritage Museum.

Today the winds are still very cold and my hounds are not lingering around outside at all they know it's cold and not play around weather. So the squirrels will continue to hop around without being barked at by my nosey hounds.

Last night I dug out an old unfinished tapestry which was bought from ebay a while ago with a picture of a lion, a lamb and rabbit amongst beautiful leaves. I drew my own design around the border with the botton half showing flames, the middle a pyramid, the side the stars and the moon and the middle sun rays, the right side I would like to do a Yin-Yan symbol I would have to embroider this in which will be a challenge as the right hand side has already been needlepointed in by someone else. This is nice and relaxing and the design is all fitting in with my freind nicknamed FIRELION.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I think a sip of Gordon's Gin could keep he cold winds at bay... ;
Can't wait to see the FireLion tapestry creation.

Ruth's Place said...

I love the antique bottles.

SeamRippstress said...

I'm a bottle lover too and these are lovely. Thought this was a shot of your medicine cabinet at first! MmmmGordon's Gin Mrs. Goodneedle!