Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Tuesday Stitching the Blues

Tuesday Stitching the Blues Day

Ive not written in the blog for a few days as I have been so busy on other projects and I thought yesterday I really must write on the blog. My quilting projects has had a little rest while I got on with some needle pointing which has been fine while Ive been sat down and not doing other errands.
This needlepoint cushion is for my special Friend fire lion. The front was part done with just the lion and some branches. I continued to design and stitch the rest of the front by drawing and adding the flames at the bottom, the moon, the middle bit which is like a pyramid with the sun logo at the top. The cream triangle at the right hand side of the picture was already there when the canvas was bought, I don't like it at all it would take so much messing around to unstitch this section, so I decided to leave this bit alone and stitch a Yin-Yang sign right at the very end when the rest of the cushion is done. I will continue to post my projects (IN-MOTION) as I call it.
Now that I will have to find a job in the future I have been working a little longer hours at the charity shop which is why I have not been able to go on the blog much. Very slowly I am fitting everything in and I have been a busy person.
Spring weather is here where midday the air is fine and sunny. My great digital camera has been busy in action taking some spring shots of flowers outside my door. I will post these in the next few days, at least this year I have a camera to record the lovely spring blooming away where last year I just had a really old SLR camera where I continued to run out of film or simple forget to buy batteries for.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely needlepoint. Yes, the return of Spring and the flowers represent such hope and joy, don't they? Glad you're back... I look forward to seeing your pictures soon.

SeamRippstress said...

Yes, very lovely needlepoint!Inspiring me to pull out my forgotten needlepoint canvas project from last year! I'm catching up on your posts and looks like you have been busy my friend! Especially LOVE your hand quilting on your previous post

SeamRippstress said...

Where oh where is Faith? : ) I really miss you but I know you're working very hard. Hope you are doing well.